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"It was fantastic for me to work with such an experienced

writer who both writes well and knows what they want."

- Delyth Thomas, TV and film director

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Talks, Panels and Workshops

Since turning freelance in 2004, Steve has used his wealth of experience to give talks, sit on panels and run workshops.  They have been delivered at international conferences, to groups of students and to small groups of creative individuals and each has been extremely well received.

Talks have ranged from full keynote speeches to small ones that last 20 minutes in an intimate group setting and have allowed Steve to explore creative subjects close to his heart and mind:

Sitting on discussion panels with other writers or creative people is always an excellent and exciting way of getting multiple perspectives on a theme.  Steve has sat on panels that have taken place at gaming events and at the prestigious London Screenwriters’ Festival.

Workshops fall into a few categories:

The depth and detail of each will depend on your requirements and can be tailored to your needs, including variations on these main themes.  Combining workshops into more extensive sessions is also possible.

If you would like Steve to sit on a panel, run a workshop or talk at your event, educational establishment or organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact him to work out details.  If you have a particular need or a specific time slot to fill, this can be easily accommodated.

If you have any other ideas along similar lines to the above Steve would be more than happy to discuss possibilities with you.


School Talks and Workshops

Children have the potential for greatness if they can be inspired from an early age to see the worth of education.  In today’s world, with so much emphasis on entertainment of all kinds, and games in particular, a talk on games and storytelling and their associated skills can:

Steve can give talks or run workshops for large or small groups.

He can cover:

If you’d like to discuss ideas and details more fully,

please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Please book school talks and workshops through Authors Aloud

"Thank you again for serving as a reader in our video chat today with the children of Reynolds School.  We all truly enjoyed listening to your beautiful voice as you read aloud from your favourite books like The Enchanted Schoolhouse and Alice in Wonderland. You were very generous in answering all of the questions from the students.  We are extremely grateful we could meet you today."

- Christina Cucci, Technology Media Specialist, Reynolds School

“It was a pleasure and honor having you at our conference. I really enjoyed your talk a lot”

- Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka, Center

for Computing Technologies