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"It was fantastic for me to work with such an experienced

writer who both writes well and knows what they want."

- Delyth Thomas, TV and film director

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Published Titles


The Bunker (2016/17)

Splendy Games

Role:  Story and Design work.

Horror Game of the Year - SHD Awards 2016

Twin Moons (2016)

G5 Games

Role:  Script Editing.

Paranormal Society (2016)

G5 Games

Role:  Story and Dialogue.

Special Enquiry Detail (2016)

G5 Games

Role:  Dialogue and Script Editing.

Survivors: The Quest (2015)

G5 Games

Role:  Script editing.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus (2014)

Vivid Games

Role:  Game dialogue and Trailer voiceover.

Hidden City: Mystery of the Shadows (2014)

G5 Games

Role:  Script editing.

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse (2013)

Revolution Software

Role:  Early Story and Design work.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances (2013)


Role:  Story and Dialogue.

Supermarket Mania 2 (2013)

G5 Games

Role: Story, game dialogue and text editing.

Stand O' Food: Empire (2013)

G5 Games

Role:  Story, Dialogue, Text Editing.

The Island: Castaway (2013)

G5 Games

Role: Script Editing.

Letters from Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery (2013)

G5 Games

Role:  Script Editing.

Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill (2012)

for PC

G5 Games

Role:  Story, Dialogue and Design.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle (2012)

Wizarbox/Reef Entertainment

Role:  Story, Design and Dialogue.

Star Sweet and Honey Heart (2011 and ongoing)

Wide-ranging children's IP

Role:  IP creation, Character Design, Website Design,

Story, Dialogue and Video.

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds (2011-2012)

for iPad/iPhone/Android/Kindle Fire/Nook


Role:  Story, Dialogue and Design.

Reached #1 in UK top grossing apps chart

ScanMe (2011)

Role:  Wrote script and created storyboard for promo video.

The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings (2011)

CDProjekt Red/Namco Bandai

Role:  Script editing.

Broken Sword 2 Remastered (2010)


Role:  Writing Hints and Diary.

Spare Parts (2010)

EA Bright Light

Role:  Dialogue (voiced by Simon Pegg).

The Whispered World (2010)

Daedalic/Deep Silver

Role:  Script editing the English dialogue.

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds (2010)

Floodlight Games/Big Fish Games

Role:  Story, Dialogue and Design.

"what really sets it apart is its well-crafted story,

which would be right at home in any crime show.

...the dialog is not only smart, but sounds

like things people would actually say."

- Vanessa Carter,

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Gimagin/Merscom/Big Fish Games

Role:  Story, high-level design and dialogue.

So Blonde Wii/DS version (2010)


Role:  Story, gameplay design and dialogue.

Rhianna Ford and the Da Vinci Letter (2010)

Green Clover Games/Big Fish Games

Role:  Story, Dialogue and Design.

"Rhianna Ford & The Da Vinci Letter is a fun wild ride

through a captivating story that grabs hold

and doesn't let go until you reach the resolution."

- Grinnyp,

Delicious - Emily's Holiday Season (2009)


Role:  Dialogue and Script Editing.

"The story is loaded with unexpected twists

and witty dialogue"

- Gamezebo, 4 stars

Broken Sword Director's Cut (2009)


Role:  Implementation and production.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden (2008)


Role:  Story and dialogue.

So Blonde (2008)


Role:  Story, gameplay design and dialogue.

Nominated for Best Game Script at the

Writers' Guild Awards 2008

The Witcher (2007)


Role:  Script editing.

Writing for Video Games(2006)

A&C Black

Role: Author

A book about writing for games.  Concentrates on the role

of the writer in the game development process

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso (2006)

Juniper Games/Merscom (2008)

Role:  Complete story and design, character profiles and dialogue;

character and location designs; all implementation and graphics.

Game of the Month, GameTunnel, November 2006

Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None (2005)

Awe Games/The Adventure Company

Role:  Script Editing

Three Musketeers (2005)


Role:  Narrator voiceover dialogue

Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure (2004)

Revistronic/The Adventure Company

Role:  English version script editing

Winner, Best Dialogues, The Inventory Awards

"I've just finished Wanted: Wild Western Adventure

and it is truly fantastic."

- Randy Sluganski; owner, Just Adventure

Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon (2003)

Revolution Software/THQ/The Adventure Company

Role:  Story, Game Design, Level Design, Dialogue and

Voice Recording

Nominated for Excellence in Writing at the

Game Developers Choice Awards

Nominated for three BAFTAs: Best Game Design,

Best PC Game and Best Adventure

"From Nico's French accent to George's believable "Yankee Lawyer"

silliness, it is a pleasure to listen to the game."

- IGN.COM, 8.4/10

Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars (GBA) (2002)

Revolution Software/BAM

Role:  Producer, Edited and re-implemented the classic PC game

"one of the finest adventures ever made"

- NGC Magazine, 5/5

Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado (2000)

Revolution Software/Ubisoft

Role:  Producer, Story Adaptation, Game Design, Level Design

and Dialogue

"a wonderfully charming, humorous and fun game to play"

- Just Adventure, A-

In Cold Blood (2000)

Revolution Software/Sony/Ubisoft/DreamCatcher

Role:  Producer, Story, Game Design, Level Design and Dialogue

"a stylish, well-written, and good-looking adventure game"

- Computer Games Magazine, 4/5

Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror (1997)

Revolution Software/Virgin Interactive/Sony

Role:  Producer

"Revolution Software has mastered the adventure genre"

- Coming Soon Magazine, 94%

Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars (1996)

Revolution Software/Virgin Interactive

Role:  Producer, Initial Concept Art

"movie quality story and acting"

- PSXNation, 86%

Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)

Revolution Software/Virgin Interactive

Role:  Background Art, Background Sprites

"one of the best point and clicks ever!"

- GameFAQs, 9/10


Over a period of over 24 years, Steve has played a key role in the development of groundbreaking, critically acclaimed games that have established landmarks in the development of interactive narrative.

Clients have included:

Revolution Software, Sony, Ubisoft, Dreamcatcher Interactive, The Adventure Company, BAM, Playlogic Game Factory, Headfirst Productions, Legendo Entertainment, GIGnews, Gamasutra, Game Daily Biz, A&C Black, Wizarbox, DTP, GameHouse, CDProjekt Red, Green Clover Games, Floodlight Games, Merscom, Gimagin, Develop magazine, Daedalic, EA Bright Light, Reef Entertainment, G5, Fishlabs, Teyon, Vivid Games, OMUK, Relentless, Team 17, Fableware.